About Us

Ibex as a company has existed since 1992 with the name Ibex Publishing House. The company was established by idealists with aspiration to publish literature that would never reach their readers via the established channels of the book business industry.

We have during 2007 revived the company with a new structure and new name – Ibex African Books & Sound – is now ready with an ambition to reach further and broad. Yes, by using the Internet technology and all the possibilities of e-commerce, we intend to reach geographically broad and social-culturally multifaceted customers.

African literature, film and music

The African continent is rich in words and sounds. Despite the much talked-about globalisation, it is still a very scanty part of Africa's wealth on literature, art and music that is exposed. The range of African authors, African film and music in the conventional shops of the West are limited. More people must get the opportunity to “discover” these exciting books, music and film. Our sole mission is to provide this wealth and make it easily available for customers independently of place of residence. 

Welcome to a journey of “discovery”. Discover a different Africa!